Government Corruption Continues & Racial Debates Persist

April 12th, 2018 · 48 mins 56 secs

About this Episode

Hello everyone, this week we have confirmation that Mark Zuckerberg is either a robot or a lizard person. The Senate held their Facebook support call. What are the problems with civil asset forfeiture? What is the progress on Utah medical marijuana passage? Trump's attorney Michael Cohen office was raided, what has the past shown in this situation? Paul Ryan will be ending his unsuccessful tenure as Speaker of the House. Should we be concerned about the Syria crisis? What do we know of this chemical attack and those previous? Lastly, we discuss the feud/debate between Ezra Klein of Vox and Sam Harris on Charles Murray's book The Bell Curve. Is this feud/debate an issue of identity politics?

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Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg: 1:30
Civil Asset Forfeiture: 13:30
Utah on Medical Marijuana: 18:30
Trump's Attorney Raided: 21:25
Paul Ryan Not Seeking Re-election: 28:00
Syria Crisis: 33:30
Charles Murray, Sam Harris, and Ezra Klein on Identity Politics and Race: 37:45

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